Welcome to Arizona Real Estate Referrals

ERN is a “referral only” real estate brokerage fully licensed with the state of Arizona.

Through ERN the associate refers potential buyers or sellers to other fully-active real estate agents in the location the potential buyer or seller is or wishes to be.  They do so in a manner completely familiar to all agents and Realtors®.  In doing so the ERN associate transfers all operational aspects of the transaction to the other agent and shares in the commission income from the transaction when it ultimately closes…..all at absolutely NO increase in costs to the buyer or seller.

Associating with ERN allows the licensee to reduce their direct workload, dramatically curtail their business expenses, keep their license active and profit directly from their years of successful Real Estate practice.

Licensees hang their licenses with us for $100 per year.  They are not members of any MLS.  They pay no dues, no memberships, no E&O insurance, nothing of the sort.  They make referrals only. 

ERN associates do not directly represent buyers or sellers of real property.  They are not active real estate practitioners engaged in personally listing or selling real property.  They don’t sell property, show property, list property, sit open houses, do comps, squire clients and customers around in their cars or any such things.  ERN associates simply refer clients, contacts and customers through ERN to other full or part time agents who will work the transaction.  Then when the transaction closes and the referral fees come to the ERN brokerage, the referring associate gets 100% of the agreed upon fee (often 25% of the side referred, but this is always negotiated between brokers) less a transaction fee of $300 or 20%, whichever is less. So, as an example, on a $300,000 sale or purchase, at a 3% co-broke and going with a 25% fee, the ERN associate would net $1,950 ($300,000 X 3% = 9,000 X 25% = $2250 - $300 = $1,950).

It’s easy!  It’s simple!  It’s productive!  Click Here to Become an Executive Referral Associate!

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