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What are the benefits of being an ERN Associate?

In addition to the many benefits listed below, ERN offers some of the lowest cost and the highest retained earnings in the “Referral Only Brokerage” industry.

$15 Monthly or $100 Annual Membership Fee

Become an ERN Associate Member with as little as $15 monthly or a $100 annual fee to begin making referrals.

$300 Fee per Closed Referral

When you make a successful closed referral, you are charged a simple $300 transaction fee OR 20% of the Gross Referral, whichever is less.

ERN Benefits

There's More!

Negotiate Your Fees

The option to select the receiving brokerage and agent to which you will refer your clients and customers, and negotiate your own referral fees with that potential receiving brokerage and agent.

No Realtor® or MLS Cost

No Realtor® dues, MLS fees, lockboxes to buy, signs to post, expensive Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance premiums, increased auto insurance or excessive annual mileage, no NAR or AAR dues, etc.

No Middlemen

There are no “referral middlemen” to absorb your earned income. You place your own referrals and if you need help you can contact us to assist you in finding a great agent.

No Minimum Quotas

ERN has no minimum production quotas for its associates. Work at your own pace.

Stay In Touch

Stay in touch with your past, current and future sphere of Influence. When one of them is ready to buy or sell real property anywhere in the USA, Canada, or internationally, refer them through ERN to a full-time real estate agent wherever your contact is looking to buy or sell. Then when the transaction closes you share in the commission income.

Real Clients, Real Customers

ERN is not just a faceless computer link that “finds” another faceless computer link. ERN is an Arizona-based real estate brokerage of actual licensees. ERN is real people referring the needs of personally known real clients and customers to other real people. ERN is 100% professional and interpersonal.

No Soliciting

ERN doesn’t solicit directly for buyers or sellers or solicit leads and then service them. The buyers or sellers expressed those needs to an ERN associate.

Earn When Closed

ERN is NOT a 3rd party referral firm, “affinity group” or “relocation company.” ERN does not deal in “after-the-fact” referral fees.


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